Thursday, September 24, 2009


I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Indrani as she has passed me with beautiful awards and it was a great moment for me to get bundle of awards from her. Thanks a lot my dear friend, Indrani for your encouragement, love and support. I am truly honoured.

I would like to share this award with my following blogger friends:

1. Padma -
2. Priya -
3. Sushma Mallya -
4. Gita -
5. Varsha -
6. Chitra -
7. Mriganayani -
8. Suparna -
9. Balakrishna Saraswathy -
10. Somoo -
11. Sangi -
12. Prasu –
13. Pavithra -
14. Srilekha -
15. Tulip -


  1. Congrats on receiving these bunch of awards.Thanks a lot for remembering & passing me :)

  2. hi babli
    congrats on your awards and thanks for passing it to me but u have mistakenly mentioned my name as sireesha
    sireesha's blog name is mom's recipes

  3. Hi babli...thanks a lot for these awards...thats really very nice of u...keep in touch and do take care

  4. Congrats on ur awards and thanks for sharing with me, am honoured dear Babli.

  5. That's really a pleasure to receive these awards from u my dear..thank u..u really deserve these awards for ur amazing blog Banli...

  6. Hi Babli Gud to see that you showered with these awards ..
    hey i also passed Yum-yum blog Award Beautiful site award inspiration award giant bear hug award to u kindly check it out dear .
    Thanks Babli for passing me to dear .. I'm honoured.

  7. Congrats on all your awards babli and thanks so much for sharing them with me :)

  8. Congrats on your awards Babli, thank you very much for sharing these with me dear :)

  9. hey Babli thanks dearie for passing to me and also u really deserve it for sure.

  10. Congratulations to everyone on the awards!!

  11. मुझे पता नहीं था कि अच्छा खाना पकाने के लिये भी अवार्ड मिलता है . मेरी लज़ीज़ बधाईयाँ -शरद

  12. wonderful...congrats babli u truly deserve this award and much more..and thanks for your kind words dear..proud of our friendship

  13. Hello dear, hope ur doing good. Missed few of your post, will catch u regularly.
    Congrats on ur deserving awards dear!
    Poori with mutton masala makes me drool:)

  14. Dear,
    Congrats !wish to get more&more.
    Awrds r special wen receive from friends like u!
    Tnx a lot...
    Happy blogging!

  15. Hey Gal.....m new to ur space....u really have a nice blog....i wud love to visit more.... Congrats on ur award

  16. HI, New to your blog. congrats on the awards