Monday, July 6, 2009



Chicken wings : 12 pieces
Soya sauce : 1/4 cup
Hoi sin sauce : 1/2 tsp
Tomato sauce : 1/3 cup
Sweet chilly sauce : 2-3 tsp
Honey : 2-3 tsp
Sesame oil : 1/2 tsp
Garlic : 3 cloves (finely crushed)


• Remove the skin of the chicken wings and clean it properly
• Put chicken wings, soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, tomato sauce, sweet chilly sauce, honey, sesame oil and garlic in a bowl and then mix it properly so that the chicken wings gets covered with the spices
• Stir it properly so that the wings are coated in marinade and then keep it in the fridge for an hour
• After an hour put the marinated chicken wings into the oven at around 180-200 degrees Celsius for about an hour
• Take it out after half an hour and see whether the marinated chicken is getting cooked properly
• Put in the oven again and then take it out after one hour
• When the honey soy chicken wings are done, it will change into beautiful brown colour
• Serve the honey soy chicken wings with plain rice covered in the excess marinade with a little bit of salad


  1. eta to try kortei hobe ...besh natun dharoner ...amra Calcutta club e e rakom ekta prepn. ekbar kheyechilam aloo-posto ta te tumi jhingear patol bad diyeo korte paro ...ami ektu allo r against e ...(calorie concious!!!) tai ektu variation ...bhalo theko!!!pl amake apni bolo na ...

  2. ETa to daroon recipe!!
    Quite simple. nishchoyee try korbo!!

  3. Darun preparation. Mentally Khoa Chhara upai nei. Seasme oil, Hoi chin sauce ekhane paoa jai na.

  4. Looks soooo tempting dear..!.can't control..send me 1piece....

  5. The best & favorite part of chicken are their wings.... And I loved this Soy Chicken Wings... Ought to try....

    Thanks for the lovely comment u left on my blog....Do keep in touch...