Saturday, October 31, 2009



Egg : 6 pieces
Baking powder : 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
Salt : 1 tsp (As per taste)
Chilly powder : 1/2 tsp
Tomato : 2 pieces (small – finely chopped)
Potato : 1 piece (big)
Onion : 3 pieces (medium – grind in mixy)
Garlic paste : 1/4 tsp
Ginger paste : 1/4 tsp
Garam masala : 1/4 tsp


• Batter the eggs in a pan, add salt and baking powder in it
• Pour the batter eggs after mixing it well in a tiffin box and cover it
• Place the tiffin box in pressure cooker
• Remove the vessel of the pressure cooker
• Close the pressure cooker and keep in high flame for 15-20 minutes
• Open the cover of the pressure cooker and take out the tiffin box
• Egg will be in a solidified form
• Cut the egg into small pieces and keep aside
• Grind onions in mixy
• Heat 4-6 tsp of oil in a pan and pour onion paste, garlic paste and ginger paste
• Stir it nicely for 10 minutes then add chopped tomatoes and potato
• Pour turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt
• Stir it for 15-20 minutes
• Pour ½ cup of water and cover the pan for 5-10 minutes
• Remover the cover of the pan and pour the egg pieces and stir it for 2-3 minutes
• Scatter garam masala
• Serve it hot with plain rice


  1. Different Egg curry,looks delicious

  2. Totally new to me yaar ! Looks delicious , will surely give it a try .

  3. Unique one...interesting one...looks very delicious

  4. I do not know whether you discovered this dish but the prepration appears new to me and interesting.

    I will try this but I hope the tiffin box you mentioned should be made of steel... right?

  5. hi Babli,
    This is a total new interesting recipe for me :) wow! reminds me of dhoklas :)
    Very creatively created recipe I must say dear!
    Happy weekend

  6. Oh wow!!! very new and innovative recipe...
    Looks fabulous and yummy!!!

  7. अरे वाह.....!
    यो तो बढ़िया रेसिपी है।
    ट्राई करते हैं।

  8. A New recipe with different cooking method-I used to crack eggs in muffin pan and prepare egg masala instead of boiling them...

  9. wow!luv this dish very much!very innovative recipe...will def. try tnx

  10. Very new to me dear!!Looks tempting and delicious..Would love to try it...Innovative recipe..Thanks for sharing..

  11. This sounds like something I will definitely try. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, hope you have a nice week.

  12. बबली जी, मैं शाकाहारी हूं egg नहीं खाती. मेरे लिये भी कोई बढिया, इतनी ही सुन्दर और स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी लाइये न!

  13. A very innovative recipe.First time here.A great blog!visit mine sometime!

  14. Wonderful dish..first time here, pls do visit my site when possible.

  15. this is interesting recipe using eggs..

  16. Very interesting recipe.. Never tried it this way!!

    First time here, you've a wonderful space with a great recipe collection..Pls do drop by mine when you have some time! Till then, happy cooking and happy blogging! :)

  17. यह बढ़िया है ..इसे ट्राई किया जाये
    @वन्दना जी अंडे की जगह आप बेसन फेंट कर यह प्रयोग कर सकती है ऐसा ही स्वाद मिलेगा ।